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Fullxml developpement

This is the developpemtnwebsite of FullXML
Official Fullxml website : Fullxml (John Roland has bring down the official page, but we are working on a alternative)


  • Description of the project :
    Fullxml is a full-featured and full-customizable web portal (a "phpnuke" like,  ?), but based on XML technology. It offer the possibility to create a complexe website with no coding needs. Basically, the web interface allows the webmaster to create, pages, articles and to configure his site elements. 
    Most of all, it includes a content management system that does not require any database but based on XML files. For the front and back end interfaces, XSL files are used, and offer the possibility for the designer to extend the basic skins.
    Advanced options (add-on) allow the webmaster to create a Guestbooks, multiple Forums, manage member area, polls, Quotation, etc.
    The system can be extend with new add-on just by writting a XSL file that will be plugged into the administration console.
    Currently implemented in ASP, my wish is to made it available in PHP.

  • Documentation of the project :
    Fullxml can be devided in 4 part :
    - ASP Classes
    - XML Files
    - XSL Files
    - Css Files
    1 - ASP CLASSES 
    	- CFullXMLEngine
    	- CTransform
    	- clsFileUpload

    Last update: 08/09/2005 - by Jan Borup Coyle